Book Reviews

Edited by Glenda Acland

  • Richard Gore
  • Jennifer Harrison
  • Tamara Lavrencic
  • Colleen Pritchard
  • Anne-Marie Schwirtlich
  • Susan Healy
  • Baiba Berzins
  • Judy Seeff
  • Ian Pearce
  • Tony Marshall
  • Sigrid McCausland


Relations in records reviewed by Richard Gore p. 69-70; Relations in records reviewed by Jennifer Harrison p. 70-73; Glossary of basic conservation terms reviewed by Tamara Lavrencic p. 73-74; The management of business records reviewed by Colleen Pritchard p. 75-77; Directory of Irish archives reviewed by Anne-Marie Schwirtlich p. 77-79; Bound for Australia reviewed by Susan Healy p. 79-80; Conference papers: off the beaten track reviewed by Baiba Berzins p. 80-82; Archive of Australian judaica reviewed by Judy Seeff p. 82-84; Investigating the value of Commonwealth records reviewed by Ian Pearce p. 84-85; Treasures of the State Library of New South Wales reviewed by Tony Marshall p. 85-87; A source of inspiration and delight reviewed by Sigrid McCausland p. 87-90

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Gore R., Harrison J., Lavrencic T., Pritchard C., Schwirtlich A.-M., Healy S., Berzins B., Seeff J., Pearce I., Marshall T. and McCausland S. (1989) “Book Reviews”, Archives & Manuscripts, 17(1), pp. 69-90. Available at: (Accessed: 31May2023).

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