Aims and Scope

Archives and Manuscripts is the professional and scholarly journal of the Australian Society of Archivists Inc., publishing articles, reviews, and information about the theory and practice of archives and recordkeeping in Australasia and around the world. Its target audiences are archivists and other recordkeeping professionals, the academic community, and all involved in the study and interpretation of archives.

In recent years, the journal has published articles on:

  • developments in Web 2.0 and the impact of these technologies on archival and recordkeeping work
  • developments in archival data visualisation
  • developments in metadata and electronic recordkeeping systems
  • the management of emails as electronic records
  • audio-visual archives in Australia
  • the history of recordkeeping formats
  • the role of archives and records in Aboriginal communities
  • personal recordkeeping and literary archives
  • the application of records continuum theory to emerging social media
  • developments and case studies in recordkeeping in the Asia-Pacific region
  • the community records of marginalised groups in society
  • reflections on records of European colonial activity in Australia prior to the arrival of the British
  • the implications of collections sector convergence for archives
  • developments in other archival jurisdictions around the world including South Africa, Sweden and Canada

If you are interested in submitting an article to the journal, please see the Author Guidelines page.