Journal History

In 2012 Sigrid McCausland wrote an insight into the history of Archives and Manuscipts to date, reflecting a period of major change for the journal and its publication. This article was published by the (then new) publisher as part of Volume 40, the first volume of A&M published by a commercial publishing company, Taylor and Francis, not the Society. As of 2022, A&M is published Open Access by the Australian Society of Archivists.

McCausland, S. (2012). Archives and Manuscripts: A window into Australian archival writing, 1955–2011. Archives and Manuscripts, 40(3), 122–135.

A&M is the leading peer-reviewed archival journal published in the Australasian region and has been published continuously since 1955. It started life as the journal of the Archives Section of the Library Association of Australia (now ALIA). In the early 1970s, the impending demise of Archives and Manuscripts was one of the contributing factors for the establishment of an independent archives association - the Australian Society of Archives. In 1975, at the Library Association of Australia Conference in Melbourne, the Archives Section was formally dissolved and A&M was transferred to the new society.

Archives and Manuscripts became a fully refereed journal from the November 2002 issue.  In 2011 the ASA entered into a publishing arrangement with Taylor and Francis, with the March 2012 issue being the first by the new publisher. A&M has published hundreds of articles by archival and recordkeeping academics, researchers, practitioners, students and theorists. From 2022 the journal has returned to self-publication by the ASA.

The ASA would like to acknowledge the generosity of both the University of New South Wales Library and the Australian National University Archives for producing the high-resolution scans of Archives and Manuscripts on a gratis basis. Thank you to the Australian Library and Information Association for allowing copyright of the earlier editions – when Archives and Manuscripts was published as the journal of the Archives Section of the Library Association of Australia.

The ASA would also like to acknowledge the support and assistance of members and authors in making this online archive accessible.

Editors Past and Present

Archives and Manuscripts (A&M) was first published in November 1955 by the Archives Section of the Library Association of Australia (now ALIA), and continued to appear more or less regularly for the next fifteen years. The ASA would particularly like to acknowledge the role of Robert Sharman in ensuring the continuation of the journal over this period.

Following the establishment of the ASA in 1975, it took over the management of the journal. From 1975 to 1989, the office of Editor held overall responsibility for each issue. In 1989, the office of Managing Editor was created, replacing the former title of Editor. Since November 1993, there has been a separate role of A&M Journal Editor responsible for the content, with occasional Guest Editors. The Managing Editor role extended its responsibility to all ASA publications.

A list of all A&M Journal Editors and ASA Managing Editors compiled by Colleen McEwen from 1955 to 2013 is available for download.

ASA Editors and Managing Editors

  • Dr Louise Curham current
  • Dr Jessie Lymn 21/10/2019 to 14/09/2021
  • Dr Louise Trott from 15/10/2013 to 21/10/2019
  • Katherine Gallen 19/10/2011 to 15/10/2013
  • Shauna Hicks 23/08/2007 to 14/10/2010
  • Gerard Foley 6/10/2005 to 23/08/2007
  • Danielle Wickman 18/09/2003 to 6/10/2005
  • Andrew Wilson 2/09/2001 to 18/09/2003
  • Shauna Hicks 24/07/1997 to 2/09/2001
  • Robert Sharman 27/07/1995 to 24/07/1997
  • Baiba Berzins 31/05/1994 to 27/07/1995
  • Michael Piggott 16/06/1991 to 17/06/1993
  • Clive Smith 5/06/1989 to 16/06/1991
  • Averil Condren 21/04/1987 to 5/06/1989
  • Nancy Lutton 19/03/1982 to 21/04/1987
  • John Thompson and Don Brech 22/05/1981 to 19/03/1982
  • Baiba Irving (later Berzins) 18/05/1979 to 22/05/1981
  • Andrew Lemon 5/04/1975 to 18/05/1979.

Archives and Manuscripts Journal Editors

  • Dr Jessie Lymn Vol. 50 No. 1 -
  • Dr Viviane Frings-Hessami Vol. 47 No. 1 Mar 2019 - Vol. 49 No.3
  • Dr Katrina Dean Vol. 45 No. 1 Mar 2017 - Vol. 46 No. 3 Nov 2018
  • Dr Sebastian Gurciullo Vol.40 No.2 Jul 2012 - Vol. 44 No.3 Nov 2016
  • Gavin J McCarthy, Shurlee Swain & Cate O’Neill (Guest Editors) Vol.40 No.1 Mar 2012: Theme Issue – Archives, Identity and Survivors of Out-of-Home Care
  • Dr Sebastian Gurciullo Vol.37 No.1 May 2009 - Vol.39 No.2 Nov 2011
  • Karen Anderson (Guest Editor) Vol.36 No.2 Nov 2008: Papers presented at the ASA 2008 Conference with the theme Archives: Discovery and Exploration
  • Shauna Hicks (Guest Editor) Vol.36 No.1 May 2008
  • Katherine Gallen Vol.33 No.2 Nov 2005 - Vol.35 No.2 Nov 2007
  • Glenda Acland (Guest Editor) Vol.33 No.1 May 2005: Theme Issue – Collective Memory
  • Katherine Gallen Vol.32 No.2 Nov 2004
  • Maggie Shapley Vol.31 No.2 Nov 2003 - Vol.32 No.1 May 2004
  • Cassandra Findlay (Guest Editor) Vol.31 No.1 May 2003: Celebrates the contribution of Ian Maclean to the profession, and focuses on key professional skill of appraisal.
  • Maggie Shapley Vol.28 No.1 May 2000 - Vol.30 No.2 Nov 2002
  • Bruce Smith Vol.27 No.2 Nov 1999
  • Helen Morgan Vol.27 No.1 May 1999
  • Livia Iacovino (Guest Editor) Vol.26 No.2 Nov 1998: Theme Issue – Recordkeeping and the Law
  • Sue McKemmish Vol.25 No.1 May 1997 - Vol.26 No.1 May 1998
  • Michael Piggott Vol.24 No.2 Nov 1996
  • Adrian Cunningham (Guest Editor) Vol.24 No.1 May 1996: Theme Issue - Personal Recordkeeping: Issues and Perspectives
  • Michael Piggott Vol.22 No.2 Nov 1994 - Vol.23 No.2 Nov 1995
  • Glenda Acland (Guest Editor) Vol.22 No.1 May 1994: Theme Issue - Electronic Recordkeeping Issues and Perspectives
  • Michael Piggott Vol. 21 No.1 Nov 1993

From Vol.17 No. 2 to Vol.21 No.1 the role of the Managing Editor included the editorship of A&M

  • Michael Piggott Vol.19 No.2 Nov 1991 - Vol.21 No.1 May 1993
  • Clive Smith Vol.17 No.2 Nov 1989 - Vol.19 No.1 May 1991

Published as Archives & Manuscripts: The Journal of the Australian Society of Archivists

  • Averil Condren Vol.15 No. 2 Nov 1987 - Vol.17 No.1 May 1989
  • Nancy Lutton Vol.10 No.2 Dec 1982 - Vol.15 No.1 May 1987
  • Don Brech Vol.10 No.1 May 1982
  • John Thompson Vol.9 No.1 Sep 1981 - Vol.9 No.2 Dec 1981
  • Baiba Irving (later Berzins) Vol.7 No.5 Nov 1979 - Vol.8 No.2 Dec 1980
  • A G F Lemon - Vol.6. No.6 Feb 1976 - Vol.7 No.4 Apr 1979

Published as Archives & Manuscripts: The Journal of the Archives Section of the Library Association of Australia

  • R C Sharman Vol.1 No.7 Aug 1960 - Vol.6 No.5 Nov 1975. Includes Theme Issue - Papua New Guinea (Vol.6 No. 4 May 1975)
  • H J Gibbney Vol.1 No.2 Jun 1956 - Vol.1 No.6 Nov 1959
  • Phyllis Mander-Jones & Allan Horton Vol 1. No. 1 Nov 1955