Reviews, Edited by Glenda Acland

  • Fiona Reid
  • Steve Stuckey
  • Euan Miller
  • George Nichols
  • Mark Brogan
  • Michael Saclier
  • Bob Sharman
  • Gavan McCarthy
  • John Mainstone
  • Paul Brunton
  • Tony Marshall
  • Fraser Faithfull
  • Greg O'Shea
  • Shauna Hicks
  • Sue McKemmish
  • Livia Iacovino
  • Gabrielle Hyslop
  • Steve Stuckey
  • John Murphy
  • Maggie Shapley
  • Margaret Jennings
  • Bruce Smith
  • Kathy Frankland


Managing Business Archives reviewed by Fiona Reid; The archival appraisal of records containing personal information: a RAMP study with guidelines reviewed by Steve Stuckey; The development of policies and plans in archival automation: a RAMP study with guidelines; The impact of computerization on archival finding aids: a RAMP study with guidelines reviewed by Euan Miller; The Public Record Office 1838-1958 reviewed by George Nichols; Privacy versus Access: Papers from a Seminar on the issues of the right to privacy, the right of access to information, and the dilemma of the records’ custodian, 30 April 1991 reviewed by Mark Brogan; Coping with Copyright: A Guide to using Pictorial and Written Material in Australia reviewed by Michael Saclier; Here is their Spirit: A History of the Australian War Memorial 1917-1990 reviewed by Bob Sharman; Lighthouses in Australia: A Guide to Records held by the Australian Archives reviewed by Gavan McCarthy; Guides to the Archives of Science in Australia: Records of individuals reviewed by John Mainstone; Mawson’s Papers: A Guide to the Scientific, Personal and Business Papers of Sir Douglas Mawson, OBE, BE, DSc, FRS, FAA reviewed by Paul Brunton; Guide to the Papers of P. L. Travers in the Mitchell Library, State Library ofNew South Wales reviewed by Tony Marshall; Professional software reviewed by Fraser Faithfull; Efficiency in Public Sector Records Management reviewed by Greg O'Shea; Archives Australia ’92: Windows on Australian Archivy reviewed by Shauna Hicks; Recordkeeping, Accountability and Risk Management: Organisational Strategies for Contemporary Records Managers and Archivists reviewed by Sue McKemmish; Archives in the New Europe; Meet Dr Eric Ketelaar, General State Archivist, The Netherlands reviewed by Livia Iacovino; Trust the Women: Women in the Federal Parliament reviewed by Gabrielle Hyslop; The Archival Trail: an introduction to the role archives play in business and community reviewed by Steve Stuckey; Dating Family Photos 1850-1920 reviewed by John Murphy; The Education of staff and users for the proper handling of archival materials: a RAMP study reviewed by Maggie Shapley; A Guide to the Post-War Records of the Department of the Government Secretary; and A Guide to the Records of the Department of the Administrator reviewed by Margaret Jennings; Introducing Records Management: Proceedings of a one-day conference entitled Introduction to Records Management, Birmingham, 24 May 1990 reviewed by Bruce Smith; Living Aboriginal History of Victoria: Stories in the Oral Tradition reviewed by Kathy Frankland

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Reid F., Stuckey S., Miller E., Nichols G., Brogan M., Saclier M., Sharman B., McCarthy G., Mainstone J., Brunton P., Marshall T., Faithfull F., O’Shea G., Hicks S., McKemmish S., Iacovino L., Hyslop G., Stuckey S., Murphy J., Shapley M., Jennings M., Smith B. and Frankland K. (1992) “Reviews, Edited by Glenda Acland”, Archives & Manuscripts, 20(2), pp. 247-305. Available at: (Accessed: 4December2023).