Book Reviews

Edited by Sue McKemmish

  • Anne Picot
  • Mark Brogan
  • T. J. Hart
  • Gavan McCarthy
  • Peter Biskup
  • Bill Orr
  • Sue McKemmish
  • Catherine Thomas
  • Graeme Powell
  • Cathy Hobbs-Faulkner
  • Somsuang Prudtikul
  • Baiba Berzins
  • Elaine Eccleston
  • George Smith
  • Philip Taylor
  • Chris Hurley
  • Livia Iacovino


Information Handling in Offices and Archives reviewed by Anne Picot; Electronic Recordkeeping: Issues and Perspectives reviewed by Mark Brogan; Corporate Archives and History: Making the Past Work reviewed by T. J. Hart; Portraits in Science reviewed by Gavan McCarthy; The People's Treasures: Collections in the National Library of Australia, Canberra reviewed by Peter Biskup; Data-Matching Program Report on Progress, October 1993 reviewed by Bill Orr; Performance Examinations, Report No. 2, May 1994:Records Management; Investigations into the Relationship between Police and Criminals, First Report, February 1994, Second Report, April 1994 reviewed by Sue McKemmish; My Heart is Breaking: A Joint Guide to Records about Aboriginal People in the Public Record Office of Victoria and the Australian Archives, Victorian Regional Office reviewed by Catherine Thomas; Manuscripts and Government Records in the United Kingdom and Ireland relating to Canada reviewed by Graeme Powell; Australian Science Archives Project guides reviewed by Cathy Hobbs-Faulkner; Exchange of ASEAN Archivists: Archival Profession — Development and Problems, January 1994 reviewed by Somsuang Prudtikul; Archives in the Tropics: ASA Annual Conference, May 1994 reviewed by Baiba Berzins; Secrets and Sources: RMAA Annual Conference, September 1994 reviewed by Elaine Eccleston; Total Recall: A Conference on Managing the Information Environment for Corporate Accountability, May 1994 reviewed by George Smith; Performance Improvement Conference and Seminars: Records Management in the Public Sector and Corporate Environment reviewed by Philip Taylor; RMAA Victorian State Seminar, April 1994 reviewed by Chris Hurley; Families on the Move: 'Changing the Face of Australia, 1945-1960'. An exhibition by Australian Archives, Victorian Office, for the Victorian Heritage Festival, April 1994 reviewed by Livia Iacovino; Australian Archives, Victorian Office, East Burwood Repository reviewed by Livia Iacovino

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