Book Reviews

  • Tim Robinson
  • Margaret Medcalf
  • Brian Fletcher
  • Ruth Kerr
  • Glenda Acland
  • Kenneth Smith


The small archive's companion reviewed by Tim Robinson p. 133-136; A trunk full of books: history of the State Library of South Australia reviewed by Margaret Medcalf p. 136-139; The coming of strangers: life in Australia 1788-1822 reviewed by Brian Fletcher p. 139-141; A history of health and medicine in Queensland reviewed by Ruth Kerr p. 141-143; University voices: traces from the past reviewed by Glenda Acland p. 143-146; Vivant professores: Distinguished members of the University of Queensland 1910-1940 reviewed by Kenneth Smith p. 146-147

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Robinson T., Medcalf M., Fletcher B., Kerr R., Acland G. and Smith K. (1988) “Book Reviews”, Archives & Manuscripts, 16(2), pp. 133-147. Available at: (Accessed: 10December2023).

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