Book Reviews

Edited by Glenda Acland

  • Lee McGregor
  • Glenda Acland
  • Jan Lyall
  • Judith A. Ellis
  • Baiba Berzins
  • Roslyn McCormack
  • Clive Smith
  • Ewan Maidment
  • Judy Seeff
  • Kandy-Jane Henderson
  • Robert Sharman
  • John Murphy


Archive buildings and equipment reviewed by Lee McGregor p. 239-241; Dictionary of archival terminology reviewed by Glenda Acland p. 241-244; Disaster planning, preparedness and recovery for libraries and archives: a RAMP study with guidelines reviewed by Jan Lyall p. 244-246; Files management handbook for managers and librarians reviewed by Judith A. Ellis p. 246-248; Oral history: a handbook and We should've listened to grandma: women and family history reviewed by Baiba Berzins p. 248-249; Stopping the rot: a handbook of preventative conservation for local studies collections reviewed by Roslyn McCormack p. 250-252; Museums and galleries: a practical legal guide reviewed by Clive Smith p. 252-253; A guide to sources of information on Australian industrial relations reviewed by Ewan Maidment p. 253-255; A guide to Commonwealth government information sources reviewed by Judy Seeff p. 255-257; Women's words: a guide to manuscripts and archives in the Alexander Turnbull Library relating to women in the nineteenth century reviewed by Kandy-Jane Henderson p. 257-258; Australian library history in context: papers for the third forum on Australian Library history reviewed by Robert Sharman p. 258-261; A difficult infant: Sydney before Macquarie reviewed by John Murphy p. 261-262

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