Edited by Paul Brunton

  • Janet Howse
  • Lee McGregor
  • Tim Robinson
  • Colleen Pritchard


Carl Newton. Strategic planning for records management and archives reviewed by Janet Howse p. 197-199; J.A. Keene and Michael Roper. Planning … a document reprographing service … reviewed by Lee McGregor p. 199-201; Mechanical eye in Australia and Archival care of still photographs reviewed by Tim Robinson p. 201-203; Directory of research on women in Australia 1985 reviewed by Colleen Pritchard p. 203-205

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Howse J., McGregor L., Robinson T. and Pritchard C. (1985) “Reviews”, Archives & Manuscripts, 13(2), pp. 197-205. Available at: (Accessed: 31May2023).

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