Cover of Index to Volumes 1-3

This Index was prepared for the Archives Section of the Library Association of Australia by Miss J D Hine, B.A., A.L.A.A., who was in charge of the Cataloguing Department at the State Library of New South Wales in Sydney

The index references the relevant volume, number (in parentheses) and pages – e.g. the entry “ACCOUNTANCY RECORDS  Accountancy records as archival sources (R.G. Dryen) 3 (8): 3-9”, refers to an article written by R G Dryen titled Accountancy records as archival sources, located in Volume 3, issue 8, pages 3-9. 

The site search engine can also be used to locate authors, articles and subjects published in Archives and Manuscripts between 1955 and 2011.  The published index is particularly useful for cross referencing.  
Published: 1970-12-11