Book Reviews

Edited by Colleen Pritchard

  • Barbara Reed
  • Kandy-Jane Henderson
  • Ian Sutherland
  • Elizabeth Nathan
  • Alan Roberts


Publications in Records management reviewed by Barbara Reed; Guide to the papers of John Le Gay Brereton in the Mitchell Library State Library of New South Wales reviewed by Kandy-Jane Henderson; Guide to the Northern Territory research resources in Northern Territory collections reviewed by Ian Sutherland; The Wilson Committee and response reviewed by Elizabeth Nathan; A documentary history of Australia. Vol. 3 Colonial Australia 1875-1900 reviewed by Alan Roberts

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Reed, B., Henderson, K.-J., Sutherland, I., Nathan, E. and Roberts, A. (1982) “Book Reviews”, Archives & Manuscripts, 10(2), pp. 168-179. Available at: (Accessed: 19October2021).

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