Book Reviews

Edited by Glenda Acland

  • Sigrid McCausland
  • Edie Hedlin
  • Nicole Le Maistre
  • Clive Smith
  • Glenda Acland
  • Frank Upward
  • Nick Vine Hall
  • Anne-Marie Schwirtlich
  • Margaret Reid
  • Philip Taylor
  • Ewan Maidment
  • Michael Richards
  • Peter Crush
  • Helen Gregory
  • Ruth Kerr
  • Baiba Berzins
  • Shauna Hicks
  • Tamara Lavrencic
  • Anne Gill
  • Lorraine Macknight


Australian Bicentennial Historic Records Register reviewed by Sigrid McCausland; Keeping data from a workshop on appraising computer-based records reviewed by Edie Hedlin; Nicole Le Maistre; American archival analysis reviewed by Clive Smith; ASA Inc 7th biennial conference proceedings reviewed by Glenda Acland; Organising the office memory: the theory and practice of records management reviewed by Frank Upward; Cops and robbers: a guide to researching 19th century police and criminal records in Victoria reviewed by Nick Vine Hall; The information environment - towards 2000 reviewed by Anne-Marie Schwirtlich; Remember with advantages: oral history and the recollections of conflict reviewed by Margaret Reid; Review of archives legislation reviewed by Philip Taylor; Freedom's on the wallaby: facets of the Australian Labour party reviewed by Ewan Maidment; Records of War Gallery reviewed by Michael Richards; Starting your search: finding records at the Australian Archives reviewed by Peter Crush; Canberra archives reviewed by Glenda Acland; Packaging the past? Public histories reviewed by Helen Gregory; Guide to the Archives of Legislative Council of New South Wales: Pt 3 of the Guide to the Archives of the New South Wales Parliament reviewed by Ruth Kerr; Australian Joint Copying Project Handbook Pt 9: Personal Collections reviewed by Baiba Berzins; Peopling a Profession: papers from the Fourth Forum on Australian Library History reviewed by Shauna Hicks; La Trobe Library Journal: The Conservation Issue reviewed by Tamara Lavrencic; Paper To-day, Dust Tomorrow! A Practical Guide to the Use of Recycled and Archival Papers reviewed by Anne Gill; Family History at National Archives reviewed by Lorraine Macknight

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McCauslandS., HedlinE., MaistreN. L., SmithC., AclandG., UpwardF., HallN. V., SchwirtlichA.-M., ReidM., TaylorP., MaidmentE., RichardsM., CrushP., GregoryH., KerrR., BerzinsB., HicksS., LavrencicT., GillA. and MacknightL. (1992) “Book Reviews”, Archives & Manuscripts, 20(1), pp. 77-125. Available at: (Accessed: 5July2022).

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