A trauma-informed approach to managing archives: a new online course

Keywords: Online training course, trauma-informed practice, trauma-informed archival practice, vicarious trauma


This article discusses the development of a new online training course, A trauma-informed approach to managing archives, for the Australian Society of Archivists. It outlines why such a course is needed, who its audience is, and provides a brief overview of what is covered. Trauma is pervasive and affects everyone, and this course provides information and training materials about what this means for archives and how archivists can better support people having a trauma reaction. It introduces the concept of trauma-informed practice, expands on that notion to outline what trauma-informed archival practice may look like, and also discusses vicarious trauma and the impacts this may have on archives workers. The article provides information about when the course will be available, and how people will be able to access the course.

How to Cite
Laurent N. and Wright K. (2020) “A trauma-informed approach to managing archives: a new online course”, Archives & Manuscripts, 48(1), pp. 80–87. doi: 10.1080/01576895.2019.1705170.
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