Editorial: Archives, identity and survivors of out-of-home care

  • Gavan J McCarthy
  • Shurlee Swain
  • Cate O'Neill
Keywords: survivors of out-of-home care


This special issue of Archives and Manuscripts turns its attention to the issue of access to materials of any type, and held in any form of archive, that relate to individuals and their quest for information about their lives. The specific focus of the articles is on those people who, for whatever reason, ended up in the care of an organisation rather than under the care of their family. The articles stem from work undertaken by archivists, historians and social workers, both locally in Australia and internationally, to help those individuals understand why so many of them had difficulty in getting access to records and, when they did get access, why they were so difficult to interpret. 

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McCarthyG., SwainS. and O’NeillC. (2012) “Editorial: Archives, identity and survivors of out-of-home care”, Archives & Manuscripts, 40(1), pp. 1-3. Available at: https://publications.archivists.org.au/index.php/asa/article/view/10183 (Accessed: 16May2022).