• Ted Ling
  • Julia Mant
  • Jeannette Bastian
  • Michael Piggott
  • Gavan McCarthy
  • Andrew Wilson
  • Graeme Powell
  • Pennie Pemberton
  • Joanna Sassoon
  • Toby Burrows
  • George Nichols
  • Adrian Cunningham
  • Allison Hunter
  • Katie Bird
  • Andrew Waugh
  • Karen Johnson
  • Megan Williams
  • Emma Jolley
  • Marie-Louise Ayres
  • Anne-Marie Condé


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Ling T., Mant J., Bastian J., Piggott M., McCarthy G., Wilson A., Powell G., Pemberton P., Sassoon J., Burrows T., Nichols G., Cunningham A., Hunter A., Bird K., Waugh A., Johnson K., Williams M., Jolley E., Ayres M.-L. and Condé A.-M. (2009) “Reviews”, Archives & Manuscripts, 37(1), pp. 134-180. Available at: (Accessed: 6February2023).

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